Dana's Success in Real Estate

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Real Estate

This past year Dana has emerged as a rising star in the real estate realm, successfully completing her training and achieving an impressive nine closings. As she sets her sights on a new chapter with another brokerage, Dana reflects on the instrumental role that I played in shaping her journey to success.

"My journey began with determination and a commitment to mastering the intricacies of real estate. My history of property management and owning a business not only prepared me for the complexities of the market but also imbibed a mindset essential for success in the competitive industry.

Iris' training provided me with invaluable tools that proved to be the foundation of my achievements. From understanding market trends to honing negotiation skills, I acquired a comprehensive skill set that set me apart in the field. Iris' mentorship extended beyond the technical aspects, instilling in me a positive mindset crucial for overcoming challenges and thriving in a dynamic industry."

The proof of Dana's dedication lies in her remarkable accomplishment of nine closings this year—a testament to her hard work, the effectiveness of my training, and the 24/7 support she received. Each closing represents not just a transaction, but a milestone in Dana's journey towards becoming a successful real estate agent.

As Dana bids farewell to her current brokerage and embraces new opportunities with a new brokerage, she expresses sincere gratitude to "Real Growth Partners" for the pivotal role I played in her professional development. The mentorship program provided went beyond the formalities of training, creating a lasting impact on Dana's approach to her career. She has also become a very dear friend, and I will always cherish her pivotal input in my life when she introduced me to my now husband at an open house.
I am beyond happy with the results and the confidence Dana shows by growing and moving on.

I am presently training Britt and Candi, two new agents in Dane County. I look forward to continuing my program and influencing new agents for their success.

Well Done to All!